• Pro-Business Legislation

    We will fight for businesses

  • We fight for businesses in Nevada

    The Assembly, the Senate, the Governor, and who ever stands against business!

  • Identify Good Candidates & point out Bad Candidates

    We research the candidates for you & track their votes

  • We Fight Against More Taxes & Fees on Businesses

    We are your true voice & advocate in Nevada Politics!


Our goals and objectives of Save Nevada Business Coalition are to:

  • Introduce pro-business legislation
  • Repeal existing laws that are anti-business
  • Fight against anti-business pending legislation
  • Draft new legislation to help businesses through public policy
  • Support job creation by protecting the job creators
  • Develop relationships with law makers (politicians) 
  • Represent the business community as one unified voice
  • Be the voice and advocate for businesses in Nevada
  • Identify pro-business candidates and support their campaigns
  • Impact elections by supporting pro-business candidates
  • Actively communicate on issues that impact Nevada and be the advocate and voice for those issues. 
  • Ensure all politicians and public policy decision makers are aware of the consequences and impacts of their votes/decisions.
  • Provide real solutions that protect businesses, employees, taxpayers and improve the business and economic conditions for Nevada
  • Keep businesses abreast of news and information that impact business interests and staying on the forefront of issues

As new things come up that hurt businesses we will fight against them as well!