• Its tough running a business

    Let us look out for you!

  • No Taxation Without Representation

    Small businesses generate more tax revenue but have the smallest voice in politics!


No more taxation without representation!
Small businesses in Nevada account for the overwhelming majority of the tax revenues but have virtually no representation!

Why we are doing it:
It’s tough running a business. We have so many responsibilities; making payroll, keeping the lights on, getting customers and dealing with all the regulations. The last thing we want to do is follow politics. The problem is when we stop paying attention politicians do crazy things that hurts us and could force us out of business.

Business owners are too busy for politics and most don’t have the resources to hire a lobbyist or establish a government affairs division, that’s where we come in.

Who we are:
Save Nevada Business Collation (Save NV Biz) was established by business owners in Nevada in response to the over taxation, egregious regulation/compliance and the overreaching intrusive government. We work to; hold government accountable, simplify government regulations, minimize taxes and create an environment that is business friendly in Nevada. We accomplish this by promoting a pro-business agenda through political action.

What we do:
Save NV Biz keeps you up to date with local/state/federal pending legislation that will negatively affect your business. Our committees establish goals to help create an environment that is business friendly in Nevada.

As a unified voice we advocate for solutions on key business issues and educate politicians on business priorities.

We advocate for better rules and regulations and we are your voice in government.

How we do it:
Save NV Biz reviews all new and existing legislation that effects your business.

We believe business owners know what’s best for their business, not the government. We also believe that when government tells companies how to run their business, your business, your employees and your customers suffer!

All government (city, county, state and federal) should support businesses by letting us run our business the way we want to. We should not be punished for creating jobs and putting money into the community.

We are not asking you to close down your business and work full time with us for better laws and regulations, we are asking you to spend a little time reviewing the information we send out and take action when we really need you!